Activism Fusion

Activism fusion is an idea that came to life in hopes to be a voice and outlet to those who may not have one. Activism fusion is where fusion happens from different angles with a main purpose in mind: to empower others. It was created in hopes that it will enlighten, empower and inspire those who do not see their voices else where. This space is for those who have many interests and feel isolated, this space is for those who have many worlds fusing together making it hard to make sense of their everyday life, this space is for those who like me are immigrants and who identity with my many struggles as a woman color, for short, this space is for those who fuse everyday, thus looking for fusion in their lives. Activism fusion is where poetry is highlighted, spirituality is emphasized, story telling is encouraged and life is made sense. This space is where world issues are discussed, a lot of love takes place, blackness is celebrated, womanhood is rewarded, and peace of mind is regained. Please sit back and enjoy the fusion of my worlds and get enlightened with me as I take on this journey. Peace and love.