Successful people–who are they?

I’ve been feeling many things lately. It’s like when I think I got it together, everything falls apart. The word success laments on my mind lately. I keep asking myself, “Hermela, are you successful” and then I answer “Hmm I don’t know”. After hours later, I realized how dumb my answer sounded, and then I corrected myself and said “Of course, I am successful, but with lots of work still to done”. I thought to myself saying I’m a successful person shouldn’t have to mean I’m going to stop growing or progressing. It just means I’m okay with where I am in my life and I’ve seen the long road I’ve traveled to get to this point, and I’m simply acknowledging the process. It’s saying although certain people may turn a blind eye to my success, I’m not going to do the same. Instead, I am going to be fully aware of my story and deem it successful with more work to be done.

It’s funny because I’ve always thought of success as me having a 9-5 job, having a significant other to spend my lifetime with, owning a house in the next 2-3 years, settling down and probably having a family (I was never too sure of the whole having children thing, but setting down was always apart of my success plan). It always seemed to me that success was having these components, and I wanted these aspects to happen in my life, more and more each day, and at specific times too. I used to have everything planned out and the age I wanted them accomplished. The more I’ve gained certain experiences and the more I’ve matured, I’ve realized that certain things may take longer than expected, and some other things may not happen the way we want them to happen.

There are so many people with so many life’s experiences, and for whatever reason, feel that success should be one-dimensional and they only like to look at certain stories as successful, but like I said, that is their choice and not yours. Your only responsibility in this world is how you look to yourself, and not to others. When I say this, I’m in no way saying that your image isn’t important. It is important. After all, its your image and how you present yourself to others that gets you all the connections you need and to meet the right people that you will get to where you need to be. I’m simply stating that you shouldn’t try to aim to have the kind of success story many people dream of.

Feel free to have alternative success stories that look and feel like you. Don’t be shy to go out there and be yourself without having to feel pressured to fit and adhere to a certain life style. I always have to keep reminding myself that successful people are the types of people who do things because it feels right from within. I have to keep reminding myself that success follows people who are unafraid to fail. Successful people are those who are unafraid to create their own way if they don’t see a path created for them. Successful people are those who dare and those who dream, and do unconventional things despite of failing. Successful people fail, and fail many times, but they keep trying anyway.

Successful people aren’t discouraged despite their circumstances, they are encouraged and empowered individuals. They are those that you speak with for a couple minutes or hours, and see that they are boldly and fearlessly living life despite your ideas of success. They aren’t trying to please or appease you or make you comfortable. They always hold on to great things, but know how to let go when its time to let go. They try when they have the chance to try to make something happen, but if it doesn’t they know how to navigate those unknown circumstances and don’t let their circumstances overpower them. They know they have a short life to live, and aren’t afraid to live it. They walk among us, live among us and we look up to them as if they have something special when its simply just them living in the ways that feels natural.

Successful people who deem their lives successful despite of society’s conventional ways are here and are here to stay. We are Dreaming. Living. Working. Connecting. Loving. Encouraging. Never Hating. Always Congratulating. Building. Healing, and not giving a damn about how you view us and our success stories. We don’t care that we fit in your conventional ways. We are living in the ways we know how to live. We don’t know how to exist without living in these ways, so we speak them and we express them. I wish you success in all that you do.

Peace and Love,


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