2015: The Year of Blogging

As the year is beginning to end and we are about to embrace the new year, I can’t help but reminisce about the year 2015.

2015 was so many highs, a year with so many highs indeed. The year started off with the best New Year celebration at one of my friend’s house, which turned into a sleepover. I met so many great friends and people this year. I was trying to heal in so many ways and become a better person this year, and that is exactly what happened to me. The most important aspect of my life also happened in 2015, and that was the birth of Activism Fusion.

The birth of Activism Fusion was an idea that was always bouncing in my mind. I’ve always wanted to create a blog because I liked to tell stories. I, especially loved telling my own story instead of having others do it for me, or reading it somewhere else. I always knew no one can tell my story quite like the way that I can. I wanted my stories and my ideas to be organic, and to be told the way I tell them, with all my foreign ways, accent included and all. This passion and fire inside of me definitely led me to create a blog.

Initially, the name of my blog was going to be Love Fusion. I loved LOVE and I wanted a blog that embodied that purpose, and that domain wasn’t available, so I went with Activism Fusion instead. I loved activism. Sometimes I think I was born to be a voice and to fight for myself and for others who can’t do it for themselves. Since activism was a deeply rooted passion of mine, I ended up naming the blog Activism Fusion.

Throughout the year 2015, I wrote, connected, healed, established a platform and lived peacefully. I made peace with all the troubling aspects of my life. I made peace with everyone and everything around me. When I hurt, I wrote. When I was happy, I wrote. When I wanted to connect, I wrote. 2015 was a year of deep connection and love, from the places I went to, to the people I met, to the lives that touched me, as well as the lives I touched. It’s not an exaggeration when I say it was the best year I’ve had in a while. I’ve always tried to have the best years in my life, but sometimes, things don’t happen quite the way I imagined them to be, but every moment that happened in 2015 was like a moment I imagined and more. It was a year of bravery, love, compassion, family love, friendship love and so many other things.

In 2015, I used my blog to heal, I want to continue to use my blog to heal in the coming years as well. I wrote poetry, talked about my spiritual journey, life’s many processes and injustices that happened from police brutality to supporting trans lives in our communities. I’m planning to continue this journey, and thank you to all of you that’s been traveling this enlightening journey with me. In 2015, I can say that writing healed me, and served me a purpose.

I wish you a great end of 2015, and may the coming 2016 be just as loving, full of deep connections with self, be filled with kindness and loving one another. Expect more wisdom and greatness from my blog 🙂

Peace and Love,


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