The Better Person

It maybe hard to love others the way they are. It maybe difficult to see the good in someone’s personality when you’ve just been betrayed. It maybe trying to always be the one who is “the better person” and look at each circumstance from every direction. It maybe easier to say your peace, and get it off your chest. You may feel like throwing unwarranted responses in the heat of the moment, but always know that it takes patience, practice and bravery to be the “better person” and hold off from making statements you may regret, being loving to those who maybe hard to love, and always finding an open-minded way to look at situations.

In my experiences, I’ve had many moments where the things I was doing or saying weren’t received in the ways I thought they would be. Handling these types of situations maybe difficult because the ways you intended them to be, and the way they happened/received by others can be quite the opposite. Wouldn’t life be great if everything you intended happened just the way you imagined?

I’ve learned how to be mature and handle situations when they don’t turn out how I’ve imagined them to be. I’ve had to deal with situations where friends judged my good morals and values, where some family members weren’t able to take in the good I’ve done and always pointed in the bad, and people I don’t know judged me from my appearance without any substance. This is to say that maturity is definitely important in being equipped to dealing with situations that require us to be the “better person”.

It maybe difficult to respond in a kind and generous way when others behaviors doesn’t warrant it, it maybe hard to remain calm and positive in situations where we want to go absolutely insane, it may take a lot of our patience to be kind, loving and giving to those who don’t show those types of behaviors towards us, but it shows integrity, humility and character when we exhibit our kindness during difficult times. It does show the world the kind of human beings we are when we learn to distance ourselves without speaking ill of others, it shows character and strength when we are in control of our emotions and it definitely shows maturity when we are the “better person”.

I hope you find the strength, love, compassion, wisdom and freedom to act in many loving, kind and giving ways including to those who may not deserve your loving attitude and I hope you are always in control of your emotions when circumstances occur the way you haven’t imagined them to be.

Peace and Love,


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