Self pity- an ugly feeling

There comes a time when you’ve had it all, done it all and feel like you’re ready to embark on new journeys. There also comes a time when you feel like you haven’t done much of anything at all, you just simply want to survive and then there is a time where you feel like you want to be stuck right where you are because it feels unbelievably great. These are all moments we’re all going to have at some point in our lives. When these moments sift through within us, we feel many emotions that we hate to feel.

I’ve realized that almost all of us have a feeling that we absolutely hate, mine happens to be self pity. I don’t like when I start feeling self pity because it feels like I’m not able to control my life. When I’m doing something, or in the middle of a conversation, I sometimes simply realize that I still have a long way to go in terms of many aspects of my life, and this alone makes me feel a lot of pity for myself, I then have to remember to stop this feeling because feeling pity for myself is a waste of time and energy. I, also sometimes can’t help but feel pity when I don’t receive reciprocal love from friends and family members. It hurts so much when you’re good to people and the same people do not give these same feelings to you, it hurts even more when it’s coming from those you love.

All in all, this is to say that I, sometimes can’t help but feel pity when these types of circumstances occur. I can’t help but think that I deserve better and that I shouldn’t be treated in ways I don’t treat others. I guess it’s a human expectation to want to receive the same things you are putting out to the universe, but life has a quiet way of reminding us that it doesn’t play fair all of the time, and sometimes the people who really deserve it, don’t have much of a chance in it and the people who don’t deserve it at all receive it in abundance. All I can do is hope the universe gives me all of the things I put out in great multitude and a chance to stop feeling pity for myself.

I’ve learned feeling self pity makes one more stuck and at loss in life than anything else. I’ve learned that it’s okay to want more and very natural to compare one’s journey to others, but feeling self pity has to be one of the most miserable feelings and I wish to never feel that feeling. I wish you a life of love, and a life where self-pity doesn’t have much of a space in your life. As always strive to be great, wonderful and loving.

Peace and Love,


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