I hope this keeps you warm

I never want this feeling to go away, this feeling of pure joy and love. This feeling of understanding and respect. This feeling of happiness. This feeling of being, no matter which form I choose. This feeling makes the world feel a lot better. This feeling of abundant love and peacefulness. I never want to let go of this feeling. I’ve been on this high and pure happiness for sometime now. It’s not because anything drastic and significant changes have happened, its just that the universe has placed me in some of the most warm places, with the most kind-hearted people. Everything in my life makes sense now, and continuing to make sense.

When you want to break down, and quit, don’t. When you have given it your all over and over again despite seeing results, and you are tired of going forward, don’t stop moving forward. When you’re confused and sad, and feeling like your efforts aren’t being appreciated, know that it will be appreciated in no time. When you feel like you haven’t been acknowledged and all you feel is this loneliness crawling all over you, know that there is someone out there, just waiting to meet you. When you’ve gone to the other end of the world trying to desperately find something, and you end up disappointed, keep going until you find what you’re looking for, better yet question yourself what you are looking for in the first place. When you’ve used all of your energy and you just feel drained, know that if you just keep going one more day, you’ll be a step ahead from where you were yesterday and you’ve already made one step forward towards the right direction.

It’s actually true when I say that you shouldn’t question your journey until you reach your destination. You shouldn’t doubt yourself until you are at the finish point. You shouldn’t think its too late to start something, because you only have one life to live and you should ¬†aim to live one hell of a life anyways . I genuinely don’t think life matters at all, it does matter, but it doesn’t matter how we think it matters. What matters is what you felt and how you were able to feel throughout the process. It may feel like its the most important thing when its happening in the present moment, but after it happens, its only a particle of memory that we take away with us. What truly matters the most is how easy we’ve lived, how gentle we were with others, the everlasting memory we’ve left on others, and how we were able to forgive and let go so beautifully.

So as Oprah would say, live your BEST life. Live it with the most that you have. Give the best that you can. Receive great energy and great people from the universe. Make sure that life is giving you what you asked, and go towards that direction without questioning the authenticity of time, and only acknowledging time for what it is. Don’t think too deeply about it, take a leap of faith, dive in and live. Connect with those that you feel understand you, love you and honor you. Be in those places where you feel welcomed and receive an abundance of love and support. Be in those circles you never want to get out of because the feeling is too awesome and it makes you question how lucky you were to get in that circle to begin with.

Peace and Love,


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