Are you striving to be better?

It takes a lot trying to be better. You have to have the magnitude and the drive to be better. Not many people want or desire to be better, and that is okay. For me, being better has always been something I’ve strived for. I love seeing improvements in myself. It doesn’t matter how big or small, improvements in my life have always given me a sense of living and feeling. Ever since I was in middle school, I’ve always looked back in my life and analyzed where I’ve been in life compared to where I was in that moment. I guess, this drive and magnitude of living has always forced me to be better.

When I say being better, I mean being better in terms of my reactions, feelings, attitudes and chasing purposes. Many people confuse being better with “looking better”, and that could very well be the case but not necessarily. Being better doesn’t also mean possessing material objects in this case. I’m specifically discussing feelings, emotions and a balanced sense of life. For example, in the past few months I’ve been trying to be better by not wanting to have control over everything. Truth is, I don’t have control over everything. The only person I have control over is me, my feelings, my attitude and sense of living, I used to want to control every aspect of life without realizing life’s outcomes could look like a million things and the only control I have is being better equipped of dealing with them.

Another way I’ve been trying to be better is through controlling my words. I started learning what to say and when to say it. Words really do have power and I started learning that through my words, I can change my own reality as well as the reality of others. It’s very important to be careful of what we are saying to others. I’ve always loved expressing myself but I’ve been monitoring in how I’m expressing myself lately. I’m mindful that I express myself without being offensive to others, without having the intention to hurt others, and most importantly I express myself to make an impact and not tear others down.

Aside from my words, the best way I’ve been learning to be better is by controlling my moods. I used to react to situations very easily. I used to be one of those people who had to distance myself from situations in order not to react. I’ve learned that I don’t have to necessarily distance myself from others in order not to have a reaction. It’s good to distance yourself from people and reality that is no longer serving positivity in your life, but it’s also good to know how to deal with those situations you can’t really distance yourself from. It’s always good to be equipped with the skills you need not to give everything in your life a reaction. Every aspect of life doesn’t deserve your reaction, affecting your moods as a result. Somethings just happen for no absolute reason and its better to leave them just the way they are, without being┬áheavily affected by them. I’ve learned its always a choice.

Not saving others is another way I’ve been able to be better. ┬áLike I mentioned previously, I used to want to control every aspect of life, and change people’s circumstances or situations as a result. Every single injustice used to bother me until I realized, yes people have the power to change their circumstances, but I can’t change it for them nor can I save them. Everyone has to want to make those changes for themselves or should have the choice to live life the way they see fit for that matter. This has helped in making me a better person tremendously. It required a lot of effort because of my strong willed personality, but I’ve learned to let people live their journeys as well as be okay with mine.

Finally, I was able to be better by having the power to say “no” without any single explanation. This made me better because it helped me in standing up for myself and the person that I am. I used to do things just because everyone else did them. Now, I’m not afraid to stand by myself being the way I am and excited as a result.

Navigating life’s ways is not always easy. Actually, it’s never easy. Learning how to be better and holding oneself accountable is also not easy. Cheers to those of us who try to be better everyday, thus making this world we live in a better place. I do realize this world is a combination of all things happening in chains and magnitudes, I know that my actions, attitudes, and way of living never fails to make an impact.

Peace and Love,



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