We are feelings

Feelings are so good. Receiving good feelings feel so amazing. Receiving an abundance of good feelings from people you love is even better. These past two weeks I’ve been on a high because I’ve been receiving these kinds of feelings from people I love and also from people I don’t know that well. The universe has been so kind and beautiful to me, and it’s not really a cliche when I say this. She really has been kind to me.

I remember the times when I thought that I would never get to a place that felt good and authentic to me. I remember these times as if they were yesterday. I used to be a worrier, a big one and I’ve learned how to manage my feelings better. I’ve calmed down about the ways I react to situations and instead became proactive. Instead of worrying, I started taking actions towards the right directions/places. Even if I didn’t see results right away, I still kept going. These moments combined are more powerful than we ever give them credit for. They are truly magical.

These moments of highs and lows made me realize that we as humans are going to eventually go through all of the feelings this world has to offer. It’s just that every single one of us are going to feel them at different moments in our lives. I’ve always thought that life wasn’t going to be so fair and understanding to me when I was going through my “worrier” phase, but after I got through that stage, I started feeling at ease with myself no matter where I was in life. All of a sudden, it didn’t matter to me where I was in my life, as long as I was being proactive and going towards a certain direction. All of a sudden, I stopped obsessing over the small things in life and started understanding life for what it was. All of a sudden, I realized life was going to take its course the way its supposed to and we can’t try to control every aspect of it although I do realize we have certain control. All of a sudden, I started letting go and letting life happen the way it should. All of a sudden I started living, breathing easy, and stopped comparing my journey to others. All of a sudden I started focusing on making my own light brighter and shining my own instead of shining or dimming others. All of a sudden life became easier to handle when I focused heavily on myself and acknowledged that people’s problems are theirs and has nothing to do with me. All of a sudden I started interacting better with others and living life my own way. All of a sudden I became happier and more loving. All of a sudden the universe started giving me all of the feelings I desired, and all of a sudden I was able to unleash my inner me by acknowledging my feelings, and the journey is still to be continued.

I hope the universe gives you an abundance of love and good feelings from every corner of life. Remember to know that its all a feelings thing.

Peace and Love,


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